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Le Petit Prince:
A talk at Greenacres, Dublin.
Wilma Petters and Margaret Duberley, Dublin, July, 2004

Some weeks ago we were invited to listen to thoughts that Denis was going to offer on "Le Petit Prince", a charming story, treasured in our memories, but not entirely present in its details.

Denis was able, through seeing things with his heart, to take us on a journey, along with the little Prince, starting on a far-away star – "his planet" – and falling on to Earth, (in his story, the 7th planet).

The little prince can be seen as an innocent soul, whose encounters on other "Planets" and on Earth, are all first time experiences. This unspoilt soul needs to ask his basic questions again and again, and he never forgets them. Denis' own biography led him mysteriously to his great interest in St Exupery and "The Little Prince". He was able to bring us, in his lively and graceful presentation, the story of St Exupery, whose passion was to fly. When he was brought down to Earth from the sky in a plane crash, the little Prince appeared to him and began to speak.

He was forced to spend 3 days in the desert after this crash, in which he had hoped to fly to Arras in a competition. He was found by a community of nomads, who took care of him, and procured a taxi, as he still wanted to complete the race. However, Destiny intervened, and the taxi also broke down! He was then stranded in sight of the Egyptian Pyramids. Thus, Denis pointed us to the Egyptian Mystery context of "The Little Prince", and its imagery, e.g. the fox and the snake. The Egyptian Mystery Centre was there outside him, physically, and also, spiritually, deep within him. He has transformed all this into a modern Christian initiation tale.

Like every true fairy tale, "The Little Prince" is full of characters whom he meets and who each point to some aspect of his, and our, inner self. We can look at every one in the light of the journey of the soul and spirit through each incarnation and far beyond.

The Little Prince has come from a planet where his self-imposed task has been to ensure that no wind, no sun, and certainly no sheep will harm his rose! He has slowly come to understand during his travels that he loves this one rose because all his caring for her has given him a close relationship with her. All the roses he sees on Earth are empty compared to her, because he has no connection with them. When the little prince compared the 100 empty roses with his rose and his planet, he had for the first time a full realization of his own insignificance. He was near despair when the little fox greeted him. In any initiation process, it is in the darkest hour that a small light may dawn.

In the ensuing conversation between the little prince and the fox, the little prince is able to learn about mutual trust, which in the fox's terms is 'taming'. The Little Prince realizes that the rose has 'tamed' him, by demanding of him self development, in this case, a rhythmical and orderly life. Out of that work, his loving relationship with her has grown, so that all other roses seem empty and meaningless to him. He gets homesick for his rose. The fox tells him a secret. "One can only see well with the heart. The real essence is invisible to the eyes. Human Beings have forgotten this truth. But you must not forget it. You are forever responsible for what is entrusted to you. You are responsible for your rose."

The heart and the rose are akin, which imagery links with the Rosicrucian Mystery School. This rose that must be tended is surely the human soul, centred in the heart. It must keep its purity and beauty, and not be 'nibbled at' by the invasive earthly forces. (The little prince remembers late in his conversation, to his great consternation, that he forgot to make a muzzle for the sheep.)

The artlessness of the story is quite captivating, yet beyond that one feels the power of a modern initiation story, as Denis made clear to us, with the help of a wide variety of well chosen slides, along with his clear insights, garnered through much devoted research. Denis was indeed able to illuminate for us the profundity in the simplicity of those conversations which punctuate the soul and spirit journey of "The Little Prince".



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